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- De speeltafel naar MIDI
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- Arduino 64out MIDI board
- Arduino 64 out MIDI board (English)
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- Arduino 64 out MIDI board (English)

I have made a 64 channel output driver board for pipe organ magnets. The board also contains a MIDI-in interface.

The processing is done with a Arduino (mega) board.

I used the open source Kicad software to create the PCB.

LINK: Arduino Source Code for 64 out board


Electrical drawing:

Wireing on PCB:

It is possible to use less than the 64 outputs. Simply add as many 4094 with 2803 as you need. Start with P3 and add from there as many channels as you wish.


STR      ->    4
DATA-IN  ->    3
CLK      ->    2
SerIn    ->   RX(1)

I used a Arduino 2560 with multiple outputs for monitor with ser0. You can use the script with a UNO or other single-serial interface. Remove Ser0 items and change the MIDI to Serial0 then.

The magnets should be connected to +V on their transformer. The 2803 switch from +V (connector P2) to GND (connectors close to each output row). Use a lot of wires from the GND to the magnet-transformer. It will use a lot of current when you use 64 outputs. One simple GND wire will melt!

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