Saturday, 20. April 2019, 10:23

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microphone test 1
microphone test 2
microphone test 2

Microphone test 2


I tested another set of microphones on organ.

In this test I placed a stereoset of KM184 and a stereoset of the C480ULS with CK61 (cardioid) head in ORTF.

I placed the microphones very near to eachother to reach the best comparison, 10 meter from the organ, 4 meter high.


There are 3 different parts: a bright, a very soft and a loud part of the organ concert.

AKG CK61 + C480 ULS Neumann KM-184
bright part AKG bright part Neumann
soft part AKG soft part Neumann
loud part AKG loud part Neumann

Recorded on a TASCAM US-1641 88.2Khz 24bit - Normalized - MP3 320kbps

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