Microphone test with organ

Is there a great difference with this medium priced microphones? Listen for your self.

You can CLICK HERE for an directional microphone test with the Sennheiser MKH40, Neumann KM184 and the AKG CK61.

Omni Microphones:

  • Stereo set of AKG C480 and CK62 head
  • Stereo set of AKG ULS-C414 in omni modus (except the last recording)
  • Stereo demo set of DPA 2006
  • Stereo set of DPA 4006

(1) 10m before the organ. A-B of 70cm, 4 meter high, amateur organist

(2) A-B 70cm, 6,5m high, 3m close to the organ.
Played by a Professional organist

(3) A-B of 70cm for dpa 4006 and ck62, 3m from organ, 6m high
A-B of 2m for the dpa2006 and C414

(4) DPA2006,4006 and ck62 – A-B 70cm, 10m from organ,
C414 on MS – 3m from organ

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