Microphone test with organ.

Is there a great difference with this medium priced microphones? Listen for your self.

Omni Microphones:

  • Stereo set of AKG C480 and CK62 head
  • Stereo set of AKG ULS-C414 in omni modus (except the last recording)
  • Stereo demo set of DPA 2006
  • Stereo set of DPA 4006

(1) 10m before the organ. A-B of 70cm, 4 meter high, amateur organist

(2) A-B 70cm, 6,5m high, 3m close to the organ.
Played by a Professional organist

(3) A-B of 70cm for dpa 4006 and ck62, 3m from organ, 6m high
A-B of 2m for the dpa2006 and C414

(4) DPA2006,4006 and ck62 – A-B 70cm, 10m from organ,
C414 on MS – 3m from organ